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Beloved sisters in Christ,

On behalf of our family I wish to extend my New Year greetings to every one of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.   

We have entered into the New Year 2008 by the favor of God.  Probably you are bombarded with thoughts as to how this New Year is going to be. 

In Romans 4: 17 we read that our God is he one who calls those things which do not exist as though they did.  Our God is able to lift up those who are nothing and place them in exalted positions.  Let us meditate on the life of one such lady from the Bible. 

Elimelech, a certain man of Bethelem, Judah went to dwell in Moab along with his wife Naomi and his two sons Mahlon and Chilion because there was famine in Judah. But in Moab, Naomi?s husband died.

The sons then married Orpah and Ruth both from Moab. They lived with their wives in Moab for ten years approximately. The sons of Naomi died suddenly and Naomi was filled with great agony.

Now, Naomi heard that the Lord had visited His people in Judah and blessed them with food. She left Moab with her daughters-in-law to return to Judah.

While they were on their way Naomi told her daughters-in-law to return to their mother?s houses as they were young enough to get married again and settle down.

How many resolutions do we make as we begin each New year? Do we fulfill them all through out the year? This was just a small test. Naomi told both her daughters-in-law, ?Go to your mother?s house (Ruth1: 8) it grieves me very much for your sakes.? (Ruth1:13) As soon as she said this Orpah kissed her mother-in-law and went away.(Ruth1:14) But we can recall them both promising their mother-in-law to go with her to her people. We are able to clearly see the love, concern and are Naomi had for her daughter-in-law through this incident. But yet one of the daughters-in-law Orpah fails the test and goes back on her decision to go with her mother-in-law. Let us recall the number of times we would have wandered away from the Lord during times of testing and trials and repent if we have not.

We make decisions every New Year, but the Bible admonishes us to fulfill the vows we make. (Ecclesiastes5:4) Ruth made new decisions and fulfilled them till the end. She caused her mother-in-law to love her and care for her more. The lack in her house disappeared. They gleaned the fields since it was harvest time and they had food. New decisions brought new grace.

2. Naomi told Ruth that her sister-in-law had left them to be with her people and her Gods. So she urged her also to do likewise. (Ruth1:15) This was yet another test for Ruth. But she firmly replied this time saying, ?Your people will be my people and  your God will be my God.? After Ruth?s reply Naomi never spoke anything to her in this regard. Instead of the fights we see between the mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws we see Naomi?s special characters drawing Ruth closer to her, the mother-in-law. Through this we are able to perceive that Naomi was very God fearing and held only onto the Lord for her future.

How many of us are firm during times of testing. Though her mother-in-law did not have any anything Ruth left her people and held onto her mother-in-law. She forsook her gods and held onto the Lord. She listened to Naomi and obeyed her elders. 

Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for God resists the proud,But gives grace to the humble. 1Peter 5:5

Ruth was fully repaid for her work and a full reward was given her by the Lord God under whose wings she came for refuge (Ruth2: 12). She found favour in the eyes of Boaz, a wealthy relative of Naomi.

Depend on the Lord Jesus Christ for all the new decisions you have made in the New Year, receive His favor and be exalted.

3. Naomi was filled with bitterness when she entered Bethlehem and she told everyone that they should call her Mara (Ruth1: 20). But her status changed. The Lord is compassionate. She received the Lord?s favor through Boaz. He redeemed the fields of Naomi and through this the Lord was proved as a one who shows kindness to the living and the dead (Ruth 2: 20).

Today Jesus Christ is our redeemer. He is a Lord who forgives us no matter what we have done and shows us favor. May you who want to follow the Lord in this New Year receive new changes and may you receive all that you have lost as new benefits in this New Year and live in peace.

4. Ruth was a Moabite. Moabites are not acceptable in the sight of the lord. The lord spoke through Moses in Deuteronomy 23: 3 saying, ?No Ammonites or Moabites, or any of their descendants for ten generations, may be included in the assembly of the Lord.?

But yet Ruth the Moabite received the lord?s favor. She confessed, ?Your God will be My God.? The Lord also remembered the promise that in Abraham all the generations of the earth will be blessed (Gen 12: 3).

The Lord surely blessed Ruth and her family.  A son named Obeth was born to Ruth and Boaz. Naomi?s bitterness disappeared.

The Lord removed the sins and curses of  the Moabites. Our Lord and the savior of the world Jesus Christ was born in the lineage of this Ruth (Mat 1: 5).  He removed our sins, diseases and curses on the cross (Gal 3: 13).

When we come to our Lord Jesus Christ remembering His blood He removes our sins and curses and makes us a new creation (2corinthians 5: 17). Naomi brought her daughter-in-law to the Lord through her good character. In the same manner let us through our good character bring our families and many other women to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your hearts and receive new grace, new favor, new benefits and new blessings and live happily.

Message by : Mrs. Mercy Jebaraj Samuel,  M.A., B.Ed., MABS.,

The threshing floors shall be full of wheat and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil. Joel 2: 24

God moves in seasons! Every time God's people rebelled and turned their backs on God His presence moved away and their enemies overpowered them destro....


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